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We apply system thinking and cognitive science to building an architecture that delivers optimal navigation for your platform or device. Information architecture brings structure, order and coherence to the user experience.

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Interaction & UX Design

People’s emotions, cognitive limitations and biases affect interaction with user interfaces in fundamental ways. We design user experiences that take stock of these psychological aspects to elicit positive emotions from users.

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By integrating a wide range of skills, from research methodology to graphic design, we deliver slick and beautiful interface design that incorporates key aspects of information architecture and user experience into a seamless whole.


Usability Audit. We can assist with a usability audit and recommendations to be used by your in-house team.

Implementation support. We can go beyond user interface design and code the platform you are planning.

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Cross platform

Creating INTELLIGENT design for all display types.

Being an integral part of a web development and design company we understand technical requirements across platforms, from tablets to PCs and smart phones.

This understanding enables our designer to create a coherent user experience across platforms. Tehnically minded user interface designers help to reduce both initial development costs and future spending on new iterations.

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Who are our clients?

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APPLICATION based Companies

We are highly capable of merging with your business growth steps and your in-house team to help you achieve the outstanding interface design you need for success in the crowded market. We can assist as thinkers (consultants) as well as doers (designers and coders) or both.

Entrepreneurs, Startups & Visionaries

We understand the lean startup approach and we adapt our approach to your planned sequencing of prototypes, demos and MVPs. By understanding both the user and the technicalities we can help in defining feature sets to reduce start-up cost and improve scalability.

Software development companies

We also work with development companies either as white label or as external consultants. As a small workshop we have sufficient control to integrate well with your team and sync up with your clients. This way we bring high quality design expertise to complement your strengths.

Technology & Hardware companies

For the buyer of a device its value is experienced when the device is being used. With our strength in conceptual thinking and expertise in ergonomics we can upgrade your device with the human element to allow people to make full use of the device.

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Customer care

Our team is open to adapting to support you in taking the next step towards a better interface and increased user satisfaction.

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Our approach and its influences.

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Evidence based

Information architecture, user experience and design decisions are made after reviewing information from repeated rigorous data gathering instead of relying on rules, single observations, or customs.

This approach to design has been developed and refined by our parent agency WebFoo.


In the Bauhaus paradigm designs are created around the ideas of simplicity, consistency, economy, and subtlety. Aesthetics is given by functionality and by how diverse a range of users find a design to be pleasing.

Bauhaus is design oriented towards industrial practice and it integrates art into technology. It encourages openness, creativity and experimentation.

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user interface designer


Gestalt is a theory of human perception that has created an explanatory model of the complex processing performed by the brain when forms are being generated in the mind from sensory information.

By understanding how humans make sense of the things they interact with, objects and experiences can be designed to suit their processing systems.

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user interface designer
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We regularly branch out into different fields to enhance our understanding of the world around us because culture affects interface design in a number of ways.

Culture brings biases to how people process information, be it colors, shapes or the organization of the elements within a user interface. People with a different cultural background look for different types of cues for actions and expect different types of behavior from interfaces.

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Michael Varga, PhD, MA

head of interface division

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Three elements make Michael’s leadership invaluable to your user interface design project:

As a shareholder of the parent agency WebFoo Ltd. Michael brings an understanding of business needs to the management of the creative processes. He is in the perfect position to streamline the creative process to balance your short term needs and long term development.

After an early career in coding and a number of years as a senior designer, Michael was awarded his PhD in psychology summa cum laude. This blend of practical and theoretical knowledge and his training in structured and creative reasoning make him a rare phenomenon.

His unwavering belief in quality ensures a high standard of design and stands as a counterweight to the temptation to give in to mediocrity that some feel when facing difficult design decisions.

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user interface designer

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Dennis Lenard will guide you through the phases of the project and will be your client care contact. He is your reference for quotes and pricing.

He will also handle the administrative and project management side of the project from start to finish ensuring that the user interface designers concentrate on delivery.

Dennis Lenard will guide you through the phases of the project and will be your client care contact. He is your reference for quotes and pricing.

He will also handle the administrative and project management side of the project from start to finish ensuring that the user interface designers concentrate on delivery.

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